Our Bird Watching trips are the best way to enjoy Madeira’s endemic bird species.

The island is roughly divided into four contrasting habitats: the protected laurel forests, the high serra shrublands, the dynamic river network and the wild-northern coastline. Our tours are led by our resident naturalists – they’re very relaxed and friendly days, allowing you plenty of time for detailed observations of the Trocaz pigeon, the Madeira firecrest and Bertherlot’s pipit. Our most popular trip takes you out to sea to observe the island’s pelagic species of Cory’s and Manx shearwaters, Bulwer’s petrels and the resident populations of Atlantic-spotted dolphins and Sperm whales.

Our naturalists also offer evening excursions – accompanying members of the Freira Conservation Project (a charity for the conservation of Madeira’s Seabirds), to the protected breeding site of the Zino’s petrels – listening to their calls and learning more about the work to protect this rare and unique species.



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