If it has always been your dream to swim with dolphins then you have come to the right place. Our colleagues in Madeira, who organise our Swimming with dolphins trips have come up with a unique way to be in the water with dolphins.

They will always assess the situation first, to see if you will be swimming with the ‘right’ dolphins. If there are mothers with young ones or if the pod only consists of younger dolphins, then you don’t go in the water, but you can still see them up close from the Rib.

Once a pod has been spotted and they’ve started swimming near the Rib, four people at a time are allowed to go in the water. On each side, there will be one person at the front and one person at the back. You will be holding on to a short rope and be pulled along slowly.

Our colleagues believe that this approach (and not by thrashing about with arms and legs), causes less stress to the mammal and it will also give the swimmer a better opportunity to get even closer to them, making your swimming with dolphins holiday an unforgettable and unique experience!

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